FKT: Rod Bien - TImberline Trail (OR) - 2014-09-03

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7h 38m 0s

I did the Timberline Trail around Mt Hood on Wednesday, September 3rd. I finished the loop in 7:38 for a new FKT. From a logistical standpoint, my run was kind of a fail. I got turned around on the ridge above the Elliot Glacier and could not find where to drop in and wandered around for probably 15 minutes or so until finally just descending to the bottom where I then found the trail. Once on the other side of the Glacier, I wasted more time by heading up towards the mountain, instead of heading down, losing more time. I then really hustled and made up time to where I was confident that I was close to 30 minutes ahead of record pace by the stone cabin and ran well all the way to Ramona Falls. Once there, I missed the very tricky left hand turn and headed about .8 miles the wrong way on the PCT. I took out my map, realized my mistake and headed the correct way and saw where I missed my turn. I pretty much gave up at that point as I was pretty flustered from all of my mistakes. But, I figured no need to dawdle anyway and might as well get my ass home. I didn't feel great on the long 2K climb after that but I realized I would probably be somewhere around the old FKT so I kept plugging along. When I got to the final creek crossing, I realized that I might just sneak under the old record and ultimately did. It was a bittersweet day as I think I probably would have flirted with a sub 7 hour time if I had known the route a little better. I think a very elite runner could probably knock off this course in around 6:15-6:30 if they knew the route well and I'm hoping to be able to run sub 7 next year. Here is my data from Strava: I'll also post a full write up sometime this weekend. As a side note, this truly is a world class route. The views are jaw dropping. The flowers were on the decline but there were still some great wildflowers near Elk Meadow. Have fun no matter how fast or relaxed you do this route and make sure to keep your head up to enjoy the views! Cheers.