FKT: Roel Bruylandt, Filip Florizoone - Promenade Verte, Bruxelles (Belgium) - 2020-05-10

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5h 29m 36s
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For us ultrarunners, all the planned races where cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation in the world. In Belgium, athletes are able to train outdoors. As a passionated trailrunning duo, Filip and i where looking for alternative projects in order to stay in the positive running vibe.
On Sunday, 10th of may, we chose to run the marked walking trail around the edges of greater Brussels.: La Promenade Verte! Why not try to set an FKT!!?
Excited as we are, we started around 6.45am. at the parking place in front of the Erasmus Hospital in Anderlecht, south part of the capital. Whitin a few kilometers we traverse green fields and a golf course, always with the city on our right side. The trail is well marked and we can find a proper rythm quickly. The weather is at our side with a little rain and around 15°d. We have plenty of water and food in our jackets since we were told that the water fountains in the upcoming parcs are closed due to the pandemic situation.
The trail is well marked as we follow the green walking signs through parcs and next to little canals. We cross the Ninoofsesteenweg N8 and continue in very green surroundings untill Schaerbeeck, where we will arrive in a more urbanized region. We are now very close to the city and we even pass the atomium and the royal gardens. Later on, the trail gets into the woluwé valley from which it connects to the Sonian Forest and Ukkel. This is the green lung and obviously a rich part of the city! It has many well maintained historical buidlings and villas. From this point, we continue in a more industrial part after which we join the 'vogelenzang', a small natural reserve that allows us to join the starting point after 5h 29' and36". We have some watermelon at the parking place before heading home for mothers day!! Running is simple and allows us to connect with nature and ourselves, even that close to the city. Even if we prefer the mountains, we enjoyed this trip a lot!!!