FKT: Roel Bruylandt - Streek GR Vlaamse Ardennen (Belgium) - 2020-06-06

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
19h 34m 45s

Saturday 6/6/2020 2am.

This is the time where Filip Florizoone and myself (Roel Bruylandt) start at the headsquare of the old Flemish city of Geraardsbergen to try and set an FKT on the famous long distance walk Around the Flemish Ardennes. We start at the statue of manneken pis which is decorated with a mask since we are in Corona-times these days. The full moon provides us with good light and energy when we start, but high in the sky Thor will smack his hammer and give us rain and a strong head wind to fight with. After around 50k we reach the berendries and it is already ligt... this means we are way ahaed on the shedule. The energy has been spoiled a little and we both have our first difficulties. The legs are burning and after 75k in Maarke Kerkem, and best running mate Filip decides to drop out. Our wives do a wonderfull support job!  I'm on my own from now... and it will take me another 30k before the wind will be in my favor. I often get company from runners who follow the attempt, which is a real pleasure, thanks for that. I will complete the loop through wonderful green valleys and little forests, old chapels and mythic cobble stone climbs. At 21h34 i am back at the headsquare of Geraardsbergen with a total distance of 158.5k and over 2700 m elevation gain! Very satisfied with my backyard adventure i invite you all to give it a try yourself!