FKT: Romain Groleau - Milford Track (NZ) - 2023-01-19

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Standard route
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8h 0m 49s

I ran the Milford Track solo in reverse direction to the normal multi day hike route. I met loads of people doing the hike who were all very supportive. The weather was perfect.

I started with stiff legs from a climb a few days earlier in Wanaka, it was hard to run at the start but as the day went by, the legs felt better. It was cool in the morning, hot by the afternoon in the exposed sections after the climb. The scenery was from another world, absolutely magnificient. I finished with a jump in the lake, this was so good.

The logistics is a bit complicated but doable, I parked the car at Deepwater Basin carpark and used a car relocation service to get the car after the ferry from Glade Burn to Te Anau Downs. I had to arrive by 4pm to get the ferry which I managed to get with a 45min buffer.

I carried a few gels and cereal bars, refilled the water at the huts, using the latest Salomon flasks with a filter. I had relatively quick stops as I was getting attacked by sand flies when I was standing still filtering the water.

All in all brilliant day, highly recommended.