FKT: Romain Mouton - Spa ExtraTrail Black Route (Belgium) - 2020-08-06

Route variation
Standard Loop
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Total time
3h 57m 23s
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Luckily there is to find nice run when travelling. Passing in Belgium, I was looking for a nice run in the Ardennes, and found this Spa ExtraTrail Black route. Weather conditions was ideal, except for the warm (32°C). The loop is nicely hidden in the forest and avoid many villages to give a sense of remoteness. Sadly, Belgium is a country full of roads, so I had to cross many of them and even follow a short section of a national speedway. Running mainly in the Andes, I was with a descent rythm in the first hills, as the trail starts directly by a huge climb. Next, warm hit me and I felt short a water few kilometers before finish. Nobody was on the trail, I saw two runners at the start line but I was faster and never saw them again. As a true mountaineer, I quickly found a descent french fries shop and plenty of cold coke to refuel the tank. Speaking of the track, many modifications were done recently and it can be tricky to follow the gpx provided by the Extratrail FKT webpage. Indications are often sparse, so it was a good idea to keep an eye on the GPX track on the watch. No water point along the way... but the village of Spa is famous for its water. As you can see in the pictures, you have to wear a mask in Spa during this Covid time. I removed it once outside to never put it back before getting back to it.

PS: you'll be surprised, there is actually a ski resort in Belgium. With one track.