FKT: Ross Kirschenheiter - Otter Creek Grand Slam - 2022-07-22

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4h 7m 54s
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Acadia is a beautiful place and I wanted to make a route that is easily accessible to anyone.  Start and finish is right on route 3 with ample parking and no park pass needed.  This route includes 5 peaks and 2 “Ladder trails” within the park.  Goreham, Beehive (Ladder trail), Champlain, Dorr (Ladder trail), and Cadillac.  I also tossed in the Cadillac cliff bypass heading up Goreham because it’s the more challenging route. Also worth noting is that the true summit on Dorr is a short .1mile detour off the main trail.  This is an incredibly beautiful route with views almost the entire time and offers some of the most rugged terrain possible on the east coast.  This can easily be done much faster as I am merely a mid pack runner and was also having a rough day.