FKT: Ross Malpass - Hodder Way (UK) - 2019-07-05

Route variation
Standard route
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Finish date
Total time
5h 10m 48s

I will write a proper report soon and it will be at the link above. But for, for now, I'll do a quick report here in the comments :-).

Photos on the Strava activity map for further location verification!

I set off at 9:53 AM on Friday, July 5, 2019 following the GPX track I got from this website. We've had sun the last few weeks so the ground on the route was much drier than normal.

Large parts of the route are across access land with no marked path to follow. I went wrong a few times and had to retrace my steps. Got chased by a few grumpy cows at mile 23 that I didn't enjoy too much!

I was unsupported and ran solo the entire time, carrying all my own supplies for the day.

I stopped the clock at 15:08, July 5, 2019 on the banks of the river where the Hodder joins the Ribble.

Total elapsed time: 5:10:48.

I have no idea who uploaded the route to your website, but that's where I found out about it, and it inspired me to get out and have a go. So even if this isn't an FKT, thanks! ?


Hello Ross

Tried to read your report at the above address above,but it disappears from the screen as soon as it appears - mission impossible style. Would be interested in reading it if I can see it somehow.....