FKT: Ruben De Backer - LAW Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen (New version 2022) - 2023-03-11

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Just before sunrise my running tour in the Hoge Kempen National Park started. Originally this is a long distance walk divided into 5 stages. It had rained a lot during the week but the day itself was cold and dry. The rainfall had caused a lot of mud and even turned paths into little rivers, so it was challenging at times.

In advance, I had planned 4 check points where my wife would be waiting to supply me. The support she gave me in every CP was excellent. Big thanks go to her. It was always a motivation boost to see her and chat. I stayed on average about half an hour at each CP.

The running itself went very well, with the variety in nature having a very motivating effect. The nature and views you see are fantastic. You are mostly alone on the trail with the sole exception of the Terhills in Maasmechelen. Although this is of course a tourist attraction. 

Because I could keep the pace well, I was able to finish within 15 hours with limited running in the dark.


This is a very fun run.
Greets, Ruben