FKT: Ruchel Stevens, Jamie Junker - Mt Lougheed Traverse (AB, Canada) - 2016-07-23

Mixed-gender team
Route Variation
Finish Date
Time (duration)
9h 1m 41s

There are a few routes one can take to complete the Lougheed Traverse, but to do it by 'fair means' most will have to follow the scrambling route detailed by Andrew Nugara in his book 'More Scrambles In The Canadian Rockies' as we did. 

On July 23, 2016 Ruchel Stevens and I ascended Lougheed Peak I via the scrambling route, traversed to Peak II and then III via the most direct ridge route possible and then descended between peak III and Wind Mountain col to complete our loop in 9 hours and 1 minute car to car, unsupported and by 'fair means'. 

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