FKT: Rudi Smith - Stirling Range Ridge Walk (WA, Australia) - 2021-10-09

Route variation
Loop (43km)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 5m 38s
GPS track(s)

For the record:
0:00:00 Bluff Knoll Rd / Chester Pass Road (06:00am)
0:36:59 Bluff Carpark
1:10:18 Bluff
2:19:40 Isongerup
3:29:01 Ellen
4:07:59 Fire Road
5:05:38 Bluff Knoll Rd / Chester Pass Road (11:05am)

Conditions were favourable with cloud only hanging over the higher peaks. Negligible bush-bashing & for the most part you could see your feet making running possible between Bluff & Ellen.

I took water from the tank at Bluff Carpark, the creek on the Fire Road between the Ellen & North Miripunda tracks & various dubious puddles en-route.

Verification photos via the Suunto app link. Pace/splits didn't seem to appear on the Suunto app public move, so I've added a link to TrainingPeaks where this is visible.