FKT: Rufus Chaffee, Brenda Fortin - Mount Ascutney (VT) - 2020-08-11

Route variation
Triple Loop
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
7h 5m 57s
GPS track(s)

Perhaps not the best day for an FKT as the heat and humidity was brutal but a fun and challenging day overall. Followed the route outlined but found the first few miles difficult to navigate from the Bicentennial parking to Weathersfield trailhead. Getting up Weathersfield and down Futures was pretty straightforward but was very relieved to find running water at the campground at the base of the Futures Trail. Refilled our bladders and bottles, dunked our heads as the temps were getting more intense and headed up the auto road which felt never ending. Would have liked to run more of it but the incline and temps beat us down. The sanctity of the trails was welcome as we hit the second summit and shot straight down Windsor. With the last portion of Windsor exposed to the sun and followed by a mile on Rt 44 to the Brownsville trailhead it triggered major overheating for me (Rufus) and I felt about as bad as I ever have on the ascent. Had to take two breaks to calm my heart rate and really thought I wasn’t going to make it but Brenda pulled me through. Was doubly frustrating as much of the early terrain was runnable. Tables turned a bit as we hit the summit and Brenda battled cramps from dehydration after water ran out. With just a few miles down Bicenntenial to complete our mission we pushed down the steep-ish descent and were gifted a cool mountain stream with a little over a mile to go. To say it was incredible would be an understatement. Not our best day on the trails but certainly a good lesson in overcoming adversity.