FKT: Russell Corfman - Black Canyon Trail (AZ) - 2017-03-13

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2d 7h 32m 0s

Russell announced his attempt:

Hi everyone,

This evening I will be travelling to the north end of the BCT where I will be ready for a morning start to attempt to set the FKT for the Black Canyon Trail, starting Friday March 3. This will be self-supported hiker style as I have cached some water along the trail. This will not be a fast time by any means as I plan to take two and a half days or so. As mentioned above, there are two loops along the BCT, the Little Pan Loop and the Boy Scout Loop. I will travel the west side of the Little Pan Loop and the East side of Boy Scout Loop. I picked those sides because they are all trail and, I think, nicer, where as the other sides travel some dirt road.

My big concern now is how heavy the Agua Fria River will be flowing after the wet winter and heavy rains this past Monday and Tuesday, complete with snow in the higher elevations of the Bradshaw Mountains. The trail crosses the Agua Fria four times. The first crossing shouldn't be a problem as it is above where Black Canyon Creek feeds the Agua Fria, but the lower three may be. Hopefully the water level will drop to a manageable level by the time I reach those crossings.

My attempt can be followed at

Russell Corfman

After an initial failure due to high water in both Black Canyon Creek and Agua Fria, Corfman waited a week and successfully completed the route:

So this time I completed the trail. I started Saturday morning at 5:47 and finished this afternoon (Monday) at 1:19 for 2 days, 7 hours and 32 minutes.