FKT: Ryan Burke - Cloudland Canyon West Rim Loop (GA) - 2022-03-11

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Total time
38m 10s

When I read the description of this FKT while looking for what was around me in lovely Appalachia on a short trip with friends, I knew I had to try it. "One of the most beautiful spots in all of Georgia" it said. It did not disappoint! Foggy day. Rooty, rocky, and sometimes right along cliff edges.. fun! This definitely allowed me to work on my technical running skills after a Canadian winter with not much opportunity (unless you count slogging through snow as technical), and it's a pretty good workout with the amount of climbing necessary for the relatively short distance. My friends who were taking a break from their bouldering hiked it while I ran, and it was really nice to blast past them with about 2 miles left, and receive a lot of loud encouragement. I'm sure this time can be dropped further - kudos to those before me, and good luck to those still to come!