FKT: Ryan Burke - Round Aylesbury Walk (United Kingdom) - 2021-03-14

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1h 31m 23s
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This was quite a bit more challenging and muddy than expected, but pretty interesting nonetheless. There were probably over 5-6 swampy mires that needed overcoming. Charging through multiple times in road shoes certainly made the overall effort interesting. I followed Rob Palmer's previous route, and like him I had to detour because of a development, and had to fence/stream hop in the process. Otherwise, there were relatively long unimpeded sections along the river/canal/under powerlines where I could work through a few gears. The time can definitely be bettered if someone figures out a smooth route to cruise in dry conditions. I appreciated the chance to get a good race type effort for the 3rd fkt.


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Just to add on that the detour was just west of Broughton Ln - the development works will hopefully finish soon, bringing a clearly marked footpath with it, but perhaps best to just take Broughton Ln and a slightly shorter detour for a nicer time :)