FKT: Ryan Ghelfi - Wonderland Trail (WA) - 2018-09-05

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18h 27m 42s

I am going to be doing a more detailed write up on our Trails and Tarmac blog in the next week. But in the meantime here is a link to the Strava page for the run.  [Here's the write-up:]

I botched the initial few hours with the SPOT tracker [Ryan started at Cougar Rock CG at 6:16am], but I got it working maybe around mile 10? I can't remember exactly. Also, one other small note, there was a trail closure on the little horse shoe deal at Box Canyon (mile 78) I looked at it pretty close but it was very closed, gates on both sides. The re route was about 2 minutes shorter. But That's the way on this trail. I know when Gary did his previous record he had to take the road at White River for a few miles because the bridge there was out I am presuming. And that cut off a handful of minutes for him as well. It all comes out in the wash anyhow. 

I think the previous link to my SPOt tracker page should also suffice for additional proof too? 

All in all it was a pretty smooth day, pacing was on point. I was a bit behind Garys pace early on, and I started clawing back some minutes after Mowich. Probably my best stretch was after White River on the climb up to Panhandle Gap, I was stoked to still be running some of the more moderate uphills at that point.

Thanks to all who followed along!