FKT: Ryan Lowe - Central Coast Century Run (NSW, Australia) - 2021-09-26

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9h 50m 45s
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Stoked to be back from injury??


I started at the SS Maitland bell 6am sharpe on Sunday the 26th of September 2021. My partner Maddi dropped me at the start in the pouring rain which continued throughout the day making it slippery especially from Patonga to Somersby. I was joined by Geoff Arnold and my Brother Wayde from the Rip bridge to Patonga. At this point 1hr 20mins had passed and I reached Sarah for crewing and Zac Bisset to run with me to Mooney creek and onto Somersby. This section was the hardest and slippery, rolling my ankle off the back of Mt Wondabyne. At the creek I was 4mins behind the record with the long, overgrown grind ahead I managed to pull back the time to the Somersby shop split within a few seconds. From here I was definitely starting struggle and started doubting if I’d make it to the end. Dom perry joined in for crewing duties and Clarke Mclymont joined me down dog trap road and Geoff jumped back on as we entered Strickland State forest  where I briefly saw Maddi and our dogs. When reaching the underpass in Wyoming the creek was flooded and made the pass in knee high waters. At this point I switched up my gels to caffeinated and found a gear that I didn’t think existed powering me through the next 30km. Clarke departed us at the back of kincumba mountain and Geoff continued on. Coming off the ridge trail, Kincumba Mt I rolled both ankles within 30secs of each other. It was a nice surprise to see my beeping at me in the street as thought she had to go to work. Finally made my way to Bouddi NP for the final grind where I picked up Dom. I know this section well and knew if I just kept running my strengths would pay off managing sneak 4 mins under the record. Awesome surprise to see all my family and friends waiting at the Bell for a victory ?. Thanks to Boudditrailrunners, Maddi and Sarah for all playing a part in an epic day.