FKT: Ryan Maize - Mt Hood Circum & Summit (OR) - 2022-07-29

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13h 33m 39s

I began my climb from the climbers parking lot at 3:53am. The only option for summiting was the Old Chute because a large crevasse was blocking the pearly gates. I was on the summit about 2 hours 17 minutes later. My Car to Car time was about 3:15, and my watch read 3 hours 24 minutes when I began the timberline trail counter clockwise. Snow and blow-downs weren't a huge problem, the slowest obstacles were some washed out river crossings and the mid day heat. There was a mandatory reroute around the top spur junction due to a landslide. The old route was 5.03 miles to Ramona falls with 400ft of gain. The PCT reroute I used was 4.09 miles with 647ft of gain. Due to the ever evolving nature of the Timberline trail, I believe this is an acceptable discrepancy. I stopped my watch as soon as I touched the parking lot after making sure to intersect the same junction I originally joined the trail. My Timberline split was 10:09

More details and photos will be shared in a story highlight on my Instagram! I would love to see this route go under 13 hours, and eventually 12 hours. I was on pace for sub 13 until the dreaded heat bonk got to me on the final climbs out of zig zag.  please reach out with any questions about the route.