FKT: Ryan Montgomery - Wonderland Trail (WA) - 2020-10-03

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18h 49m 11s

Specular day out on the Wonderland Trail! I started at Cougar Rock at 3:12am, running clockwise. Other than a few downed trees here and there, the trails were in good condition. I resupplied my water via rivers and streams often (maybe 11x?) and didn't filter---fresh mountain water! I carried all my food for the day with me, too. A week prior to my FKT, heavy rain fall took out bridge crossings; however, Park Rangers has already fixed the river crossings. The trail was closed at White River (washed out bridge), so I had to take the detour via the road (similar to what Mark Hammond had to do). Amazing day out there! 


Note: photographers captured photos of me in a few stops on the Wonderland; however, they did not aide nor support nor move any distance with me at all while I was running to stay within FKT guidelines.