FKT: Ryan Smith - Bear Peak (Boulder, CO) - 2020-06-30

Route variation
up & down
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Total time
52m 2s
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Ran a low 35 ish ascent a week or two ago but this time went hard from the start and split 7:56 to the Mesa trail which was about 1:30 ahead of that previous effort which was right about where I wanted to be. It felt pretty terrible though and I thought about quitting most of the way up! Carried on regardless though but never felt to fantastic but managed to top out in 34:50 which only ended up being 30s or so faster than the last effort which was a little surprising. Perhaps on a better day I might hope to get this sub 34? Decided that was good enough to have a shot at the roundtrip so went for it. Descent was, as expected, difficult. For some reason both my heels got pretty hot in my Mutants but just went with it but by the time I hit Shannahan Ridge it was quite tricky to go full steam. Managed to hold it together for a 17:11 descent which was good enough for a new roundtrip FKT.