FKT: Ryan Smith - South Boulder Peak (CO) - 2020-04-01

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46m 15s
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Note that the route has changed over time.  See Ryan's track for the fastest current route.  Ryan's RT time of 1h12m33s is also a TH-TH FKT.  Ryan reported hitting the lap button on his watch at the top, 46m13s, which is in agreement with the Strava segment time.

"Fastest on Strava at least, not sure if anyone's gone quicker!

Was really only intending a hard ish workout up but looked at the clock on the peak and knew that the clock meant I had to hammer back down. Felt pretty decent until the descent from the base of Shadow Canyon which was absolutely miserable. Uphill felt very comfortable and never too strained so wasn't really expecting to be quite as quick.

Sub 45 up is totally possible with an intentional effort and no snow!"