FKT: Ryan Tetz - Norman's 13 (CA) - 2019-09-15

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I finished a successful attempt on Norman's 13 last Sunday (9/15/2019) night at 9 PM.
Time was 3 days 16 hours 33 min car to car (3 days 12 hours 27 min car to summit).
I went self supported and used one cache with climbing rope/helmet and food before the technical climbing section in the Palisades. I traveled South to North to push the hardest physical section through the 6 highest 14ers from Langley to Tyndall in <24 hr right off the bat while fresh. It made running/hiking 50+ miles afterward on the JMT over 4 passes certainly interesting.
It was pretty cold at times especially on the last day. I carried minimal supplies and no bivy gear other than my down jacket/pants and emergency SOL bivy sack. My quick broad drawn lines across map tracking website originally calculated 82 miles, GPS tracking tallied 107.5 miles on the go end to end with 40K vertical gain.

We used live tracking during the event and here is the completed track log :;mode=map
General Info Page Here :;mode=info

I now hold the record for self powered/supported CA 14ers on foot and via bicycle. Out of general interest - it took me 2.5 hours longer to hike/run/scramble the 13 Sierra 14ers than it did to do the segment using a bicycle to move between trailheads last summer, so it is very close time wise. Possibly worth doing no biking at all till the 13 Sierra peaks are completed on foot by a strong runner for a future record attempt of the complete CA 14ers by bike. Norman's 13 was by far tougher physically feeling though. No way I wanted to do a 450 mile bike push to Shasta the next day out! - Ryan

(9/10/2020) Professional video, 9 mins and definitely worth watching, added here


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Super cool that you made this happen Ryan!
what an amazing line!