FKT: Ryan Wanless, Emily Wanless - Solitude Trail 038 (WY) - 2020-08-09

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1d 5h 6m 28s
GPS track(s)

We thought this would be a 18hr or less trip.  It turned out to be much longer.  

We hiked in from the TenSleep trailhead and camped the night before.  In the first 4 miles of the run we probably saw 6 plus moose.  

The weather got hot and the amount of time spent filtering became overwhelming.  We missed a turn and went a couple miles off course and had to double back to regain the trail.   Markings in some spots were confusing or just not there.   

We had a good storm blow through that left us up high and huddled under some scrub trees.  The final 10ish miles up and over to Bomber mountain were the crux of the trip.   Lots of rock scrambling and little sign of trail.  

I think with the knowledge we have now we could probably shave off the 10hrs we originally thought we would do it in.  

This is an extremely rewarding trail.