FKT: Ryan Weidert - Pacific Crest Trail through CA (CA) - 2012-07-03

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Ryan ("Tuna Helper") Weidert went after the PCT speed record in the summer of 2012. Heading NoBo, he was ahead of record pace until about Crater Lake "when the snow hadn't melted out and made progress slow and awful", so he was unable to complete the whole trail. However Weidert did manage to set new Midpoint (30d9h55m) and full length CA (38d10h00m) speed marks. Weidert used Scott Williamson's self-supported style (no vehicles of any kind), and carried a GPS to verify times and locations. His blog has detailed information, with some additional info added here.


Weidert reported later:

Hello All,
It's been 6 months now since I got off trail near Crater Lake,
but I've finally wrapped up all my PCT stuff from the hike last year.
I managed 1864 miles in 42.5 days, and set new PCT Midpoint and
California records, but the entire trail record still alluded me. On
my attempt I took a great many photos and also kept an audio trail
journal for every day. Because of this, and the nature of the hike I
did, I wanted to share it with those who might be interested in such
things. Thus, I created a trail journal style blog, where you can read
the journal and or listen to the actual audio recording. Also
available on the page are links to my full 500 photo PCT 2012 album, a
link to download all of the audio journals, a like to download all of
my GPS tracks and campsite waypoints and a variety of other related
documents. It's been a while in the making and I'm happy it's almost
done! Who knows if I'll attempt it again, but I know now that it is
quite possible to exceed your own goals and nothing is out of reach!

The First Post (use the right side dates/Posts to navigate through the site)

2012 Complete Photo Album

GPS Tracks and Waypoints Download

PCT Documents - Gear List, Split times, Daily Mileage Log etc.

The last post is what my feet looked
like 2 weeks after I got off trail. Yeah, you don't want your feet to
look like that!
If you find a link that doesn't work or a different problem, please
let me know and I'll try and fit it!

Hope you'll enjoy and share with others.

Ryan "Tuna Helper" Weidert.