FKT: Ryan Welts, Kristina Folcik - Swan Song Loop (NH) - 2015-08-30

Route variation
Swan Song
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Finish date
Total time
13h 25m 0s

My husband Ryan Welts and I completed the loop together in 13:25 yesterday and i believe we now have the fkt for the swan song loop. We got a late start and had to go up Madison gulf trail with headlamps. We stopped three times to chat with friends, stopped at Washington summit to buy and eat a ton of food, refilled our water at Washington, pinkham and Madison hut where we also bought some well deserved lemonades before heading up Madison in the dark. We both took some pretty good falls coming out on the Watson path in the dark. GPS track can be viewed here: and we have three people who can confirm they saw us going up Washington, coming down tuckermans and up boot spur link and that person saw us again coming up the tuckermans trail, the crew at Madison hut chatted with us for a bit and some of the guests there saw us in kings ravine that morning and friends who saw us climb up Madison. I also have several photos taken throughout the day.-Kristina folcik