FKT: Ryan Welts - New Hampshire 4000 Footers (NH) - 2010-01-24

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7d 17h 7m 0s

In January 2010, Ryan Welts set a new winter FKT. He started with Jason Ferris and Mats Roing 6:20 a.m. on Saturday 1/16/10. Roing dropped out partway through day four at the summit of Mt Garfield and Ferris skipped north and south Hancock at the end of day seven then rejoined Welts on the final day. Welts' finishing time was 7d17h7m. The trip was "mostly self supported". The trio did "a lot of prep hikes to make sure rarely touched routes were somewhat consolidated". They wore snowshoes "95% of the time", and averaged 28 +/- miles a day and 9000ft +/- of gain a day.