FKT: Sam Haines - Schunemunk Ridge Loop (NY) - 2023-11-26

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Total time
1h 54m 51s
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Consider these my home trails so very nice to snag the FKT after eyeing it for over a year. Definitely a challenging route that combines fitness with precise footwork, navigation/familiarity with the trails, and some scrambling. Took 5mins off the previous record (shout-out Matt Moschella). Trail conditions pretty bad with 100% leaf coverage anywhere that wasn't exposed rock. That definitely affected the downhills most (2.5 and 2mins slower on Dark Hollow/Trestle descents compared to Matt). Missed the Dark Hollow turn as is tradition but good navigation otherwise with new trail blazes from this past summer. Hope that this becomes more competitive over time! Close proximity to New York City and the Hudson Valley means it is very accessible to those in the region. 

Splits (based on memory)
15min to top of Trestle
41min to base of climb on far side of loop
57min to top of Dark Hollow
1:14 at base of Dark Hollow/Sweet Clover
1:31 to regain the eastern ridge
1:43 to top of Trestle descent

1 hand bottle with Gatorade powder and maple syrup (~50g Carbs)