FKT: Sam Konowitch - Topanga State Park Loop (CA) - 2020-08-01

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3h 17m 4s
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Real hot day.  Brought plenty of water.  Had a little bit of trouble staying on the route (see below) luckily I had the gpx to follow.

Unsupported long run, I got clipped hard by a branch on a downhill and suffered a minor ankle sprain.  Used the water spigots along Musch Trail as a nice little relief at the end.

For anyone interested in attempting the route.  I feel Christophe's description is unnecessarily complex, so here's route outline:

Trippet Ranch -> Santa Ynez Trail -> Michael Lane -> Trailer Canyon Fire Road -> Single Track Connector -> Mulholland Drive -> Temescal Canyon Fire Road -> Garapito Trail -> Topanga Fire Road -> Musch Trail -> Trippet Ranch

Any deviation from that route is optional and will probably cost you time if you care about the FKT.

It's a loop, so hit those landmarks and you'll be golden.