FKT: Sam Skrocke - California Fourteeners (CA) - 2014-08-07

Route variation
self powered
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
9d 20h 41m 0s

Sam Skrocke did the self-powered CA 14ers in just 9d20h41m (self-supported), July 29 - August 7, 2014, as reported below.


Skrocke reported:

Self-powered CA 14ers, 9d20h41m

I recently completed climbing all(15) of California's fourteen thousand foot peaks in 9d20h41m. Here is a link to a full TR. Below is just the skinny version.
My Splits:



Shasta TR start 7/29 12:15am
Mt. Shasta summit 4:47am
Shasta TR finish 6:25am
Camp 1 in (Susanville) 8:16pm
Camp 1 out 7/30 8:30am
Camp 2 in (Reno) 8:45pm
Camp 2 out 7/31 6:00am
Camp 3 in (Lee Vining) 6:50pm
Camp 3 out 8/1 6:15am
Camp 4 in (Glacier Lodge TH) 6:35pm
Glacier Lodger TH start 8/2 3:00am
Thunder Bolt Peak 11:05am
Slarlight Peak 11:20am
North Palisade 11:50am
Polemonium Peak 12:30pm
Mt. Sill 1:15pm
Middle Palisade 6:28pm
Glacier Lodge TH finish 9:45pm
McMurry Meadows TR start 8/3 4:45am
Split Mountain 11:50am
McMurry Meadows TR finish 4:15pm
Camp 5 in (Hwy 168 3 miles from Big Pine) 7:15pm
Camp 5 out 8/4 6:30am
White Mountain 12:15pm
Camp 6 in (Independence Campgrounds) 10:00pm
Shephards Pass TH start 8/5 6:00am
Mt. Tyndall 12:05pm
Mt. Williamson 5:05pm
Shephards Pass TH finish 9:15pm
Camp 6 in (again) 10:30pm
Camp 6 out 8/6 9:00am
Camp 7 in (Tuttle Creek TH) 4:40pm
Tuttle Creek TH start  8/7 3:30am
Mt. Langley 8:35am
Mt. Muir 12:35pm 
Mt. Whitney 1:21pm
Mt. Russell 2:50pm
Whitney Portal TH 6:13pm
Tuttle Creek TH finish 8:41pm

I ran in a pair of Solomon Speed Cross 3's
My bike was a Trek 520 crossbike
I climbed in a pair of La Sportiva Nago's 
I took a GPS reading from the summits with a Suunto Ambit 2

I was completely self-supported and mostly unsupported: I used Goran Kropp’s purist ethics as I understood them from his book “Ultimate High”. I carried all my gear from start to finish. I carried all the food that I was going to need for the climbing and camping from the beginning. I did not take any help, food or other items from anyone. The only thing I did not carry with me was the meals I would require during the bike riding portion of this trip, which I purchased from restaurants along the way. I did carry all supplementary food for the bike from the start.
I ate Mountain House meals with dehydrated potato flakes, to beef them up a bit, for my meals.
I carried with me 500 calories worth of product each day in the form of Natures Bakery Fig Bars, PowerBar Gel Blasts and PowerBar Energy Waffers.

The Biking:




P.O.I. Distance(miles) Gain(feet) Loss(feet)
Shasta TH to Camp 1 (20 miles west of Susanville) 116  8,973 6,896
Camp 1 to Camp 2 (Mt. Rose Hwy. Reno) 124 4,252 3,035
Camp 2 to Camp 3 (Mobile Mart, Lee Vining) 130 7,365 4,967
Camp 3 to Camp 4 (Glacier Lodge TH) 90 6,050 5,190
Camp 4 to McMurry Meadows TH 19 2,976     4,252
McMurry TH to Camp 5 (Hwy 168 Big Pine) 17 1,076 3,635
Camp 5 to Barcroft Station 38 9,852 1,378
Barcroft Station to Camp 6 (Independence) 69 2,477 10,748
Independence to Shepherds Pass TH 6 1,755 85
Shepherds Pass TH to Independence  6 85 1,755
Independence to Tuttle Creek TH 27 5,866 387
Totals:  642 50,727 42,328


The Climbing:

Mt. Shasta: Sergents Ridge
Thunderbolt Peak: East Face 5.5 (5.9 var.) onsight
Starlight, North, Polemonium, Sill: Palisades Traverse 5.9
Middle Palisade: Southwest Chute Class 4
Split Mountain: North Slope Class 2
Mt. Tyndall: North Rib Class 3
Mt. Williamson: Northwest Buttress 5.5 onsight
Langley: Northeast Chute Class 3
Muir: Class 2
Whitney: Class 1
Russell: Fishhook Arete 5.8 onsight