FKT: Sam Williams - Bondi to Manly Walk (NSW, Australia) - 2021-11-27

Route variation
Standard Out-Back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
21h 14m 42s
GPS track(s)

Jase Trimmer (29.11.21) - this attempt was 'Manly to Bondi to Manly'. FKT principle is 'Go whichever way is fastest'.


The Goal: Run Manly to Bondi to Manly along the Bondi to Manly route.

The Why: to raise money for Movember by participating in the [Mo]re Than A Run initiative; a joint venture between 140 run clubs across Australia and New Zealand to get out and move. (If you are interested in donating the link is here )

How the day panned out:

  • Corso Flags to Taronga Zoo paced by Jackson - tranquil scenes in the dead of the night.
  • Taronga Zoo to Milsons Points solo - wicked sunrise under the Harbour Bridge.
  • Milsons Point to Bondi Beach paced by Wezza - many extra turns and some howling wind off the Gap. Big detour as Botanic Gardens was closed. Ended up running along the freeway and looping back to to Macquaries Chait to make up some kms.
  • Bondi Beach to Watsons Bay paced by Cam - wind thankfully turned off, started to walk more sections here.
  • Watsons Bay to Milsons Point paced by Cam, Angus and Heidi. Cam achieved his longest run here! ?
  • Milsons Point to Taronga Zoo paced by Sam F- a longest run for Sam here too! ?
  • Taronga Zoo to Spit Reserve paced by Amelia, lil sis Maya and Angus back in for the ride!
  • Spit Reserve to Manly paced by Aleks, Ross, Wezza and Angus. Lovely banter between Rossco and Wezza here.
  • Final North Head loop with Adam  Ross, Angus and Jackson back in for round two. Looooooong climb up Viper Hill then picked up the pace on the way back down Bluefish.
  • Finished with an amazing crowd of friends, family and community to celebrate a fantastic end to the [Mo]re Than A Run event. Topped it off with my first shoey out of the ol' Hoka Rincons. Thanks to everyone for coming out!!!

And an enormous thanks goes out to my crew who followed me around - Amelia, Sam, Angus, Cam, Ellie and my family