FKT: Samson Leonard - Daejeon Dulesangil 대전 둘레산길 (South Korea) - 2021-05-23

Route variation
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
1d 17h 26m 30s
GPS track(s)

41 hours 26 minutes 30 seconds

3:27.35AM(5/22) to 8:54.05PM(5/23)

Trip Report:

This was my 5th attempt.

<SECTION10> I woke up at 3am and put on my running pack with a half liter of water and a half liter of coffee. I hiked the .6 up the hill to the start. I did the first 10 miles before I got to my first water cache. <SECTION8> I picked up the 1.5 liters water and a can of Pine Needle Drink.
Then I continued through a rocky section into a pretty pine forest. <SECTION7> I went down to the highway and walked the shoulder.

There are 12 numbered sections of this trail. I hiked them in reverse order starting in the middle of section 10 (because it is next to my apt). I decided to hike it in reverse so that I am walking against the traffic for this section here. I think this is imperative.

After crossing a tunnel under the highway you go over a hill (the trail is very faint here) and down past a monastery. Then up past a fenced off facility. Prior to the facility being built the trail went through this area but currently you have to follow a steep eroded trail around the fence. Watch out for loose razor wire! The next part before the river walk has a new bridge over the highway.

<SECTION6> When you get to the road there is a Bus driver hang out spot with a coffee and drink vending machine. I got a peach drink, plum drink, and pepsi for 2000 won (about 2 dollars). You need cash for this. I then did the few miles into the town. I paused my watch and got coffee, a smoothie, went to E-mart to resupply then got Kimbab. This was at 2pm.
Next I went up through a very nice section and down to a train depot.

<SECTION5> Then back up to my favorite section overlooking a reservoir. Then down to a road where I stopped at a coffee shop just as it was getting dark. I got a water, a cookie, espresso and Americano.

<SECTION4> I then hiked past the reservoir up to Sikjangsan (식장산) and down to my next water cache (.5l) in the dark. <SECTION3> This is one of the hardest sections, very steep eroded trail. I had a slow night from here on. I laid down 4 or 5 times for five minute rest at a time. As the sun came up I made it to Maninsan and got my 3rd water cache of 2 liters. <SECTION2>

<SECTION1>Then I hiked a long boring trail to Ppuri Park and got some drinks at the concession place. <SECTION12> I bought 7 drinks and the woman called me a crazy person to her co worker in Korean assuming I wouldn’t understand. I didn’t say anything.

I then did the 6 miles to the road and crossed the block via the community garden. <SECTION11> I then did the mile by the river and went up the hill and got to my last cache (.5 water and a can of coffee).

<SECTION10> From there it was 6 miles to the end……………

For some reason I didn't start my watch till after the first .89 miles. So when I hiked down to my apartment I checked the GPS file and saw the gap. So I hiked back up the hill (.6) and finish the trail.

***<SECTIONS> are approximate to be used as reference.