FKT: Samuel Breeden - Oak Leaf Trail, Lake Loop (WI) - 2023-03-11

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53m 10s
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Was a pretty chilly (34-35 degrees) and windy day (about 10 mi/hr out of the northeast). good amount of snow on the ground. Started out from Discovery World and made it through Veterans Park in good time. Fastest mile was my first at 6:25. had a little bit of trouble with snow on the trails in the second mile so things slowed down a bit there. Was going pretty good for miles 3 and 4. Mile 5 got tough with the hill and I also lost the trail twice in that mile. I picked it back up though and went a little slower through mile 6 to get recovered from the hill. The last two miles went much smoother and the last one felt really strong once I hit the straight shot along the lakefront to finish. Was a lot of fun seeing the sights along this trail and hope to come back to it sometime.