FKT: Santiago Carsolio - Iztaccihuatl (Mexico) - 2017-11-18

Route variation
round trip from Paso Cortes
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
3h 2m 5s

Ascent time of 1h38m08s is particularly fast.

Sean O'Roarke reported this (2/19/2019):

This is the standard route on Izta, from the La Joya trailhead north of Paso Cortes to the closest of three summits of near-equal height around the summit glacier.

There is some confusion in the current description of this route. The current times supposedly from Paso Cortes (19.0864, -98.6469) are probably from the standard La Joya trailhead (19.1336, -98.6520), which is 5 miles or so from Paso Cortes along a 2WD-drivable dirt road. I don't think it's possible to cover that distance and elevation in those times. Also there are three summits: the closer one that most people tag, one to the northwest, and a third of near-equal height another 5-6 minutes north that holds a couple of crosses. I think the summit glacier used to be higher than any of these, but Izta's glaciers are rapidly shrinking.

Anyways, after running this today, I found that Santiago Carsolio had already done it much faster and, like me, apparently took it easy on the way down.