FKT: Santiago Carsolio - Pico de Orizaba (Mexico) - 2021-04-03

Route variation
up & down from Miguel Hidalgo
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 12m 33s

I started from the main plaza of Miguel Hidalgo, a beautiful pink church, I started running at 8:35am in a sunny saturday morning. Two friends of mine were taking footage from the run, still I never recieved any kind of support besides of inspirational shouts, I was carying all my water (1lt) and 3 gels in my Osprey Duro racing vest.

I reached the old acueduct just 1 hour 5 minutes after starting to intersect with the classic north route, from there I countinued my way to the base of the Jamapa glacier where a friend of mine took some photos and video. I unpacked my ice axe, crampons and placed a windbreaker on top. I continued all the way to the summit with some difficulties because of the black Ice, nevertheless I reached the summit in 2 hours 49 min and 50 seconds new ascent record. Took some summit photos and started my descent, with extra caution because of the black ice.
Downhill was quite fast and I didn't even stop to pack my ice axe, a friend of mine (the everesting machine Max Alvarez) was filming. I reached the main plaza of Miguel Hidalgo at a new time and FKT of 4 hours 12 minutes and 33 seconds.
It is the first "recorded" time from this route, normally it takes 2 or 3 days to go up and down with this variant.
This project was one of the two FKTs I did in a period of one week at Citlaltépetl or Pico de Orizaba. Hoping to inspire more runners to try this type of challenges.