FKT: Sara Pedrosa - Mt Adams (WA) - 2020-07-11

Route variation
South Climb round trip
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 16m 16s
GPS track(s)

Primo ascent conditions. Wind on summit but pretty chill. Sunny, dare I say HOT most of the day. Headed out for just a fun day up there but felt good, decided to start to push it a little but, even though I'd already taken a ton of pics and had been fartin around haha. Since there was no Female FKT listed I'm submitting this to get this party started! I'd love to go back and try to push harder all day (company welcome FYI) and see how fast I can really go without goofin' around ? Conditions coming down were slow and clunky. Super slick. Should have started earlier for more firm and fun running conditions coming down! No matter what, had a FUN crusher of a day! ?? 


Ate 3 spring energy gels all day.