FKT: Sarah Burke - Mt Adams (WA) - 2022-07-24

Route variation
South Climb ascent only
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 23m 47s
GPS track(s)

Camped at Wicky Campground and started around 7:40am. Beautiful morning, sunny, minimal wind. Snow started just before mile 2. Put on micros around then and kept them on for the ascent. Tried to run as much as possible, hike when running was not possible. Loved the last steep part - bootpack was well established. Lots of people going up. Summited in 2:23, put on some gloves and a headband, ate a quick snack, took some pics and headed down. Glissaded, some standing some butt sliding, down for about 1-2mi which was super fun. Was ahead of pace for the round trip record when I hit lunch counter, but shortly after that I ended up on taking the wrong route down. It was hard to tell where the real trail was because of the snow. Took another wrong turn once I connected with the real trail, had to back track. Moral of the story - take time to check the map even if you think you are on track. Learn the route in and out - this is part of FKTs! Eventually found where I should have descended and ran the last 1.5ish to the end. 


All in all a stellar day in the mountains! Would not change a thing, because I learned from this and can come back and run it again with this new knowledge of the route, to go for the round trip FKT.