FKT: Sarah Cary - Tumbledown, Jackson & Little Jackson (ME) - 2020-09-18

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4h 18m 51s

 It was a perfect day for this room, starting out nice and cool. They run up the Jacksons trail went by pretty quickly. Conditions were much drier than the last time we did this run. When I came to the col between the mountains, I went right and submitted Big Jackson first. There were Spruce Grouse  on the trail, which I think I see every single time I run here. I came back  down big Jackson to the col.  Then I went straight to the summit of little Jackson, I always take the time here to stop and enjoy the 360° view. On the way down I was so in the zone and I thought I missed the pond link trail but fortunately I didn’t. I took this trail over to the summit of tumble down by the pond. Normally this area is Crawling with people, but I think because it was so cold there was virtually nobody there. Then I headed up parker ridge, pausing on top of the ridge to enjoy the view down at tumbledown. from here I slowly struggled down the very steep ledges until the trail leveled out near the end. Then I moved quickly to the finish!