FKT: Sarah James - Broken Hills Trail - 2022-06-13

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1h 29m 35s

I set out on the trail just a few minutes after sunrise to try to beat the heat and the wind.  I did the north, more technical, section first, and would recommend that – it felt good to climb and do the rockiest bits with fresh legs. It’s a beautiful trail with rolling hills, fun climbs and nice vistas.  In June it also offered lots of wildflowers and rare birds.  I encountered Sprague’s Pipits, Long-billed Curlews, Grasshopper Sparrows, Baird’s Sparrow, and Pronghorn Anteloppe.  I think this is my first time in the park where I haven’t seen a Buffalo close-up, but I’m happy enough about not running into one on the trail and having to go around.  The access road to the trailhead goes through an active Prairie Dog colony, so even the drive in is a treat. AllTrails lists this as a 11.3km trail with 229m elevation gain.  I’m submitting it as my watch recorded it – slightly shorter (11.23 km) and with less elevation (216m). I didn’t see anyone else on the trail or on the drive in or out of the park. I was inspired to do this by the #womenwhofkt movement in the Pacific North West, and am cheering on the women who will do this faster, and those who set new routes and FKTs elsewhere in Saskatchewan.