FKT: Sarah Malette, Justin Genschel - Presidential Traverse (NH) - 2023-10-01

Route variation
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
9h 25m 3s

At 6:24 AM we set out on a northbound presi traverse up Crawford path. My thought was that we could obtain the mixed gender team and I could shoot for the supported female FKT at the same time. It went well. Conditions were dry and warm for this time of the year. We did not run very much, but in flat areas we made up as much time as possible. We did not get any food from outside sources, but did share snacks. We got water at mount Washington summit and used a filter as the huts were closed. I was hoping to do a little better than the time we had, but I feel like this was a solid effort! We did have one slight navigational error heading towards Adams and doubled back. I also wish I had parked on the road vs in the parking lot. I think that added .2 of a mile. I am sure another team can hit this bar with just a little more running. Very fun effort!