FKT: Sarah Morris - Weaver Bally Road Loops 1, 2, 3 (CA) - 2021-02-09

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2h 42m 5s

Last summer Nate contributed a couple of new routes from the Weaverville Basin trail system to the FKT site. While I’ve been out here over the past week, I wanted to attempt at least one of them and either establish or re-set a women’s FKT. The other route is currently under snow, so I set sights on this one!

These trails are so good...the more time I spend on other trails around the country, the more I appreciate the ones from my hometown. Even with a lot of familiarity, what also makes this route so fun is that there’s a surprising amount of strategy (which order you choose to do the loops and in what direction), and a bit of route-finding trickery involved (not all trail junctions are marked, so pay attention).

Super fun and pleased with my time. Excited to see more people get after this one!