FKT: Sarah Walcott-Sapp - Marys Peak (OR) - 2023-07-23

Route variation
North Ridge - East Ridge Loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 2m 35s

I was surprised this loop didn't have a female time and have been meaning to do it for a while. Today was a beautiful day for it but I wish I'd started an hour earlier for cooler temperatures on the exposed summit.  The climb was more runnable than I expected and the descent felt like flying - splits were 1:07:38 up (including a minute and a half of jogging around to confirm there is no longer a picnic table on the summit) and 54:57 down.

Thanks to Steven Wagoner and those who followed him for establishing the route and Marcy Beard for given me a women’s time to chase in the ascent, and to all the uphill hikers who yielded to me on my way down today. Note there are at least two faster female times on Strava of the loop connecting the North and East Ridge trails minus the summit.

FYIs for future attempts: Woods Creek Trailhead is about 5 miles in on an upaved forest road but the road is in great shape and easily accessible by a small passenger car. There's no bathroom or porta potty at the trailhead but there is surprisingly good cell service. And be warned there is a false summit picnic table, but a large dirt patch where I assume the summit picnic table used to be, and a revegetating area roped off next to it (see photo).