FKT: Scott Cooper - Rockwall Trail (BC, Canada) - 2020-10-02

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5h 52m 32s
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Last attempt earlier in the summer I had rain and snow and wanted to get back for another push and wanted for some good weather to venture out there solo. Bluebird day and got out on the trail at the Floe Lake Trailhead just before sunrise with great running temperature, around 0-2C. Had a slower start than anticipated but was able to settle in after hitting Floe Lake. Larches looked spectacular in the morning sun and were dropping their needles so there was a light dusting on the trails through large sections of it. Really easy access to water stops at Numa and Tumbling Creek Crossings and 3 or 4 opportunities between Helmet Falls Campsite and the trailhead at Paint Pots. I was making solid time through the Helmet Calls Campsite until I rolled my ankle pretty badly with about 13km to go but was able to quickly walk it off and keep pushing. Perfect day to enjoy the Rockwall and give it a good go! Worst part of the day was biking back to the car at Floe Lake... If you head out there, make sure to bring a friend with an extra car!