FKT: Scott Eugley - Blackwoods Loop, Acadia National Park (ME) - 2023-05-30

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Standard route
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2h 22m 48s
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I really liked Dan's idea of basically coming up with the most epic run through Acadia, that could be completed in a reasonable amount of time, starting and ending at the Blackwoods campground. So, kudos to Dan for coming up with a pretty awesome way to experience the park. 

It was an amazing day, about 65 degrees and sunny. It was the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend, so the traffic had died down a little bit. Perfect time to rip some trail. The views were pretty magnificent the entire way, my apologies for not taking pics, but I don't like to run with a phone. I went out with 4 gels, a 500 mL handheld of Tailwind, and a thirst for adventure.  

Highly recommend this route if you're looking to hit some of the best views and prominent peaks the park has to offer and you only have a handful of hours.