FKT: Scott Gregor, Jay Lemos, Mike Siudy - Devil's Path (NY) - 2017-04-29

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
18h 15m 0s

Scott Gregor, Jay Lemos and I (Mike Siudy) completed the devils path double (out and back) on 4/29/17 in 18:15. We started at Spruceton Road around 10:30 pm Friday night, reached the Prediger Road PA around 7:10 am (which includes a 1.5mi/25min detour out to SW Hunter just for fun). We spent 35 min at Prediger eating, reorganizing ourselves, and waiting for a group of friends to arrive that were doing the DP. Around 7:45 we left and arrived back at Spruceton around 4:45 pm. Our stats were around 50 miles, 17,500 ft of climbing, and 11 peaks. The weather was relatively cooperative but a little warm and humid for spring. The trails were quite wet and muddy with just a few small patches of ice remaining from winter.