FKT: Scott Jamie, Nick Pedatella - Kokopelli Trail (CO, UT) - 2015-03-26

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
1d 6h 20m 58s

Scott Jaime and Nick Pedatella set the supported FKT of 30h20m58s on March 25-26, 2015. They carried a SPOT Tracker, and recorded a GPS track for the entire trail. Their GPS shows 139.0 miles. Their splits are here.

Here is the Strava link for our (nick pedatella and Scott Jaime) Kokopelli FKT:

The trail is much tougher than the profile would lead you to believe. It's mostly all runnable so saving something for the end is critical, at least that's what our strategy was early on. if you feel like you're working too hard in the first 70 miles, then you are. For that reason, we knew Peter and Stephanie had a good steady pace through the flatter sections and we just merely tried to match that and see what we had left in the end.

Here are the numbers for Nick and Scott:
Kokopelli Trail.xlsx (52.66 KB)

It can and will be done faster so go get it! You'll need a great crew and a lot of patience. All the best!