FKT: Scott Livingston, Debbie Livingston - Naugatuck Trail (CT) - 2020-11-01

Route variation
one way (with Beacon Cap)
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
58m 29s

Debbie and I ran the Naugatuck Trail west to east/out and back from the Route 8 trailhead. We missed the out and back FKT by 18 seconds. Mary-Louise Timmermans and Jeff Grant have a nice time on the route. We pushed hard, but came up short. They did go east to west, starting at the Route 42 trailhead. They tackled the out and back spur to the summit of Beacon Cap first, then ran to the Route 8 trailhead and back. We ran to the spur, did the summit out and back, then continued to the Route 42 trailhead, and then ran back to the Route 8 trailhead. For the out and back FKT, you only have to tackle Beacon Cap once. 

We were bummed to miss it, but will try again in the spring and go east to west. My suspicion is that it will be a quicker...and hopefully 19 seconds quicker. There were a lot of wet leaves on the trail, but we aren't making excuses. You have to deal with the conditions on the day you choose to try an FKT. That's the beauty of it. Check out our full report. 


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Nice effort... ML and Jeff actually did the one way in 57:02 just didn't claim it, for what it's worth.