FKT: Scott Livingston - Pine Knob Loop (CT) - 2020-07-18

Route variation
One loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
29m 19s
GPS track(s)

After starting the day with the Macedonia Loop Trail FKT, I changed up and drove back towards the Appalachian Trail before eventually heading north, the direction of the day. I made my way up Route 7 to the Pine Knob Loop Trail, yet another CFPA trail that I would do for the first time. It took me a few minutes to figure out that there is a little "stick" at the start of the loop trail. To get un the loop, run up the trail 100 yards or so, cross a stream bed, and then choose a left or right (my choice) direction. I started the clock at the trailhead/parking lot where the first blue blaze is marked on a tree  at the beginning of the "stick."

I went counter-clockwise. I ran 29:19 for this 2.6 mile loop which is hilly and rocky. I enjoyed it and also liked seeing all of the day hikers. The trail actually overlaps a bit with the AT, so for a few minutes, I was on the AT headed south.

Here is the full report