FKT: Scott Livingston - Shenipsit Trail (CT) - 2020-08-22

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14h 26m 0s

See my route description.

My Unsupported end-to-end run from East Hampton (southern terminus) to West Stafford (northern terminus) was followed by cycling back to the start. This made for an awesome self-sufficient complete loop. I drove up the night before my attempt, and locked my bicycle and a gear bag to a tree about 50 feet off of Greaves Road. My gear bag included my cycling shoes, gloves, helmet, lights, and some food. I had two water bottles mounted on my bike. 

The next morning, I drove to Gadpouch Road and ran south to north. For my full run report, refer to the end-to-end tab. 

When I reached my bike, I swapped shoes. Everything I had to carry back went in the same pack that I ran with. The idea is to bring what you need for the run, rendezvous with the stuff you need for the bike ride, and then carry it all back to where you started the run. 

I could have used a faster bike, but I opted for comfort after running 50 miles, so I went with my Seven Evergreen XX and 650B wheels with 42cm tires. I could have chosen a slightly more scenic bike route back (it's your option), but knew that I was going to run out of daylight, so I took the "express route." Another factor was that my legs were shot, and I wasn't out there for a sightseeing ride. Even with the 38 mile route, I spent more than 90 minutes riding in total darkness. Make sure you are prepared for that if you do this on a day that is short with daylight or are horribly slow on the run (like me). 

This isn't a flat route and enjoy the final climb up Clark Hill Road because it is a doozy! 

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