FKT: Scott Martin, Taylor Spike - Wy' Cool 50km/50mi/100km (OR) - 2018-08-25

Route variation
50 km
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
7h 12m 44s

Begin at Zigzag Ranger station, ascend Hunchback Ridge trail (#793) to the intersection with Green Canyon Way (#793A) then complete the loop in either direction. The Clockwise loop option continues to Devils Peak, then descends to continue on Kinzel Lake trail (#665), turning right continuing on Salmon River trail (#742) to the trailhead. The trail crosses the road (2618) and continues as Old Salmon River Trail for a short distance to the start of Green Canyon Way (#793A). This ascends Green Canyon to rejoin Hunchback Ridge trail (completing the loop), turning left to retrace the route back to the trailhead at the Zigzag Ranger station. 

Nice day doing the Wy’cool 50k with Taylor Spike in a new Fastest Known Time of 7:12:44  There was blood, a hornet bite and not much water.