FKT: Scott Spillman - Pawnee - Buchanan Loop (CO) - 2018-07-14

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
4h 45m 23s

Standard CCW loop including road segment to close the loop. I started & finished at the Mitchell Lake TH, right where the Beaver Creek/Audubon trail meets the pavement.

New FKT of 4:45:23 for the full CCW loop, a little more than a minute under Andrew Skurka's 4:46:32 from last year. Huge thanks to Andrew for setting a solid standard—it helped a lot to have that 4:46 in mind during the last few miles.

Splits starting/ending at Mitchell Lake TH, right where pavement hits dirt for the Beaver Creek/Audubon trail: 
Audubon Junction — 19:22 
Coney Flats — 46:32 (27:10; this was taken right where you get into the Coney Flats area) 
Buchanan Pass — 1:30:25 (43:53; again, starting from where you first get into the Coney Flats area) 
Cascade Creek Junction — 2:18:08 (47:43) 
Crater Lake Junction — 2:56:01 (37:53) 
Pawnee Pass sign — 3:58:20 (1:02:19; hiked pretty much everything above the lake) 
Long Lake TH — 4:40:32 (42:12) 
Mitchell Lake TH — 4:45:23 (4:51)