FKT: Sean Blanton - Duncan Ridge Trail (GA) - 2012-02-21

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Finish date
Total time
7h 48m 8s

First of all Carl is the man! Scott and him did this without dropping any aid! I dropped aid at 5 or so different places.

I set the Duncan Ridge Trail self supported fastest known time of
7 hrs 48 minutes and 8 seconds on Tuesday Feb 7th 2012.

Here is the entire story of my fun run. to come :) [link broken]

This was run on tired legs and i hiked all of the ups. I can tell you now that other people and myself can do this alot faster. I think a fast time would be sub 7 hours. To do this you need to plan it and have perfect weather.

This run is quite the endeavor. I had a blast and I love the DRT.

Up next is to do the Georgia loop. Which is woody gap on the AT until three forks. then you take the BMT/DRT all the way back to the AT at blood Mtn and then back along the AT to woody gap.

I will keep yall updated!

All training for the Appalachian Trail record attempt :)

Sean Run Bum Blanton